The ethnic cleansing war by the Israelis on Gaza over the last 23 days is grossly obvious. The inhumane acts of the Zionist Jews were conducted openly, observed by the whole world. This war had taken lives and disrupted all forms of life – the green, dry and everything else that moves till there is no safe zones, no relevance of International standards, what more humanity. Temporary homes, schools and mosques no longer become safe grounds to seek refuge. The hospital is now even susceptible to attacks, what more to become a place of protection to treat and shelter the victims of war. All that is available in Gaza has become the target of war and bombings of Isreali fighter jets. The number of those who have been killed has reached 1,300 and 5,000 people are hurt. More than one third of the victims are young children and hundreds are women who do not get much attention and care.

It is more unacceptable when the whole world witnessing this tragedy find basic necessities cripple and disappeared. Nothing is left except dignity and pride of Palestinians which they will not concede. History has showcased the power of Khalifah Al-Mu’tasim who garnered his army to send assistance to a Muslim lady, who exclaimed, ‘Oh Mu’tasim, please send us help!’ Until today, the people of Gaza are still waiting for the power and assistance from Mu’tasim. Today, the people of Gaza; orphans, victims of war are still shouting seeking for help, powerless due to the atrocities of the Israelis.

The greed and brutality of the Jews will not stop though the war has ended. They will still continue to find means to realise their goal to wipe out all Palestinians from their homeland and call the land their own. The housing relocation will continue, the disruption of the fields will persist and the building of apartheid walls and killing will carry on just so that the Palestinians will give up their land; the blessed land. Aggression and merciless killings of Palestinians will prolong in Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

Truly the ethnic cleansing in Gaza has awaken the world at large which includes the residents in Bangi, to rise and strive to help the Palestinians so that they get what is rightly theirs.

The whole of Bangi condemns the inhumane malice that has been done towards the people of Palestine and calls on Malaysia and the international community, and world leaders to act and bring to a close the atrocities of the Zionist regime.

In this regard, the residents of Bangi, with the support of non-profit organisations and mosques within the vicinity of Bangi, have formed Save Gaza Secretariat at Bandar Baru Bangi. A series of programmes is currently in the pipeline for Muslims in the Bandar Baru Bangi to donate and express their concern towards Muslim Palestinians who are experiencing the horrific after-effects of the Zionist Jews.

The programmes that are being organised are focused towards providing moral support and encourage shared responsibility towards another brother in humanity that desires peacefulness and denounces violence. Palestine has been threatened with the terrorist acts of the Zionist Israelis and have taken many innocent lives. Gaza continues to be under siege. Homes and shelter are destroyed, children and women are on the run with limited medical supplies, hospitals are strapped for resourses, electrical supplies cut, children are in hunger and patients awaiting on their deathbed arise. In essence, Gaza is experiencing a transgression that the world has never encountered in this decade.

Due to this, Save Gaza Secretariat in Bangi strives to realise the following :

a) To collect donations worth RM100.000 in the next 3 weeks to be channeled to the Palestinians through the Aman Palestine fund.

b) To provide a true picture of the situation experienced by the Muslims in Palestine in the siege by the Israelis.

c) To raise the spirit of brotherhood in Islam and the spirit of jihad in the hearts and minds of every Muslim.

d) To develop a collaboration with the Residents of Bangi and non-profit organistions in administering the financial aid to Muslims in Palestine.

e) To raise awareness among fellow citizens on the importance of denouncing war and appreciating peace.

f) To answer to the call of fellow Muslims in going against the ill acts of the Zionist.

Many programmes themed “Together We Save Gaza’ have commenced since 24 January 2009 in the whole of Bandar Baru Bangi with the highlight ‘Save Gaza Night and Grand Hajat Prayer by 10 Thousand Residents in Bangi’ as its highlight. The media is invited to cover the event on

Day/Date : Sat, 7 February 2009

Venue : Seksyen 15 Stadium, Bandar Baru Bangi

Highlights : Congregational Hajat Prayer, nasyid performance and Presentation of Donations

In conclusion, the entire residents of Bangi, under the ambit of Save Gaza Secretariat would like to state and affirm the following;

  1. The dignity and rights of the people of Palestine would have to be returned to them and to ensure that the Zionist atrocities do not repeat itself.

  1. Urge the international community and world leaders to continuously pressure the Zionist regime and to ensure that its invasion, aggression and merciless killing do not happen again.

  1. Strongly advise the Muslim Ummah and the leaders of the Muslim countries to unite, in order to liberate Palestine and al-Aqsa Mosque.

  1. Strongly urge the government of Eqypt, under the leadership of Hosni Mubarak, to open up the Rafah border, to facilitate the distribution of aid to the people of Gaza, who have been affected by the war over the last 23 days.

  1. Strongly propose that the United Nations bring the leaders of the Zionist regime to face the International Court of Justice for committing genocide and war crimes against humanity in Gaza. The genocide killed innocent children, women and the elderly and destroyed mosques in Gaza.

Residents of Bangi calls on Malaysians, from all walks of live, male and females, young and old, those in the private and public sector, students, all races and religion to together hand in hand help the people of Palestine by demonstrating their support through organising any form of activity within your means for example in the form of prayers (solat hajat and doa selamat), lectures to explain the Palestinian issue, putting up banners, making financial contribution, collecting funds to assist in continuous food and medical distribution.

The residents of Bangi strive to give full commitment in delivering the rights that have been robbed by the Zionist regime back to the people of Palestine by conducting continuous programmes.

The Palestinian issue will not finish until Islam is not realized on its land. ‘They ask when victory will be achieved. Say (Oh Muhammad) that victory is coming, soon.’


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