As clear as living daylights – the atrocities of the war criminals and ethnic cleansing perpetrated by Israel on the innocent Gaza population can only be described as such.  The acts of cruelty and dastardly Israeli military operations are now witnessed by the whole world.

In the Name of Allah, The Most Merciful and The Most Kind

As clear as living daylights – the atrocities of the war criminals and ethnic cleansing perpetrated by Israel on the innocent Gaza population can only be described as such.  The acts of cruelty and dastardly Israeli military operations are now witnessed by the whole world.  The war ravaged everything on its path, terrorizing the whole infrastructure, land, greeneries, civilians and the children of Gaza, there’s no more ‘Green Zone’ and all internationally recognized laws and moral codes are violated.  The civilians housing areas, schools and mosques are no longer safe.  Hospitals are no longer a place that should be excluded from airstrikes and bombs, they are also no longer the place for the injured casualties to receive treatment!  So far, more than 4000 Gazans have been mercilessly mutilated or maimed in less than two weeks of indiscriminate aerial and artillery bombing targeting everyone and everything.  The number of martyrs has increased to 767 lives at the time of writing.  More than one-third of the people killed mercilessly are children, and hundreds others are women.  Thousands become refugees in their own land, yet again.

The fact that can’t be refuted by the world which stood by the sidelines, watching helplessly is that the foundations of life has been destroyed and obscured.  Nothing more is left there except the honor and dignity of the Palestinians, which they will never sacrifice or abandon.  Islamic history tells of the great Caliph Al-Mu’tasim who mobilized his army to help a Muslim woman who cried, “O Mu’tasim, send your help upon me!” when a group of Israeli thugs harassed her at a marketplace.  The Caliph only threatened to attack the thugs if they don’t apologize, which shows us how highly Muslims hold their honor.  Sadly, until now the Gaza Palestinians are still waiting for the eminence and rescue from the Mu’tasim of this Ummah, to answer their call, cries of distress and agony from the orphans, victims of Israel’s war and terror campaign.
This war conspiracy on Gaza is terribly obvious.  The main players behind it are Jewish Zionist Regime, America and their allies.  The ultimate aim is to dishonor Islam and its teachings.  Subsequently it is to debilitate the Palestinians grassroots’ honorable struggle and water down the Palestine issue for the purpose of making Israel’s contention as the accepted reality.

How disastrous!  What has become of the Arab Ummah and Islam?  Are they reticent when witnessing the murder and slaughter of their brothers, reduced to be people in exile while they do nothing to stop and condemn Israel’s crime!!  How unfortunate it is that this Ummah is not affected or provoked by the cries and calls from the people of Gaza, for all the blood that poured forth, flesh and bones …and most importantly, we just stand back when the Mosque of Al-Aqsa is sieged by the Zionists!

Aman Palestin wish to reiterate the atrocities that’s happening in Gaza as follows:
1 – Verily the Zionist invaders are intending a major ethnic cleansing to humiliate Islam and to further diminish the Islamic struggle in Palestine

2 – The Zionist invaders would not be courageous enough to undertake such heinous crimes if not for the approval of the Arabs and the Muslims themselves.  All these are proved by the Arabs’ and Muslims’ silence in what is happening currently in Gaza

3 – All levels of society is obligated to play its role to pressure governments to express their positive stand towards the Palestinian issue

4 – We urge every member of society to take a strong stand to pressure the Zionist Regime to ceasefire, especially towards the helpless civilians and the non-armed.

5 – It is obligatory to launch campaigns at public, institutional and organization (medical, financial, welfare, etc.) levels to help the aggrieved Gazans.  Aman Palestin urges all media (print, electronic, radio) in particular, and public institutions (academicians, artists etc.) in general to improve their coverage towards what’s happening in Gaza now.  It is equally necessary to make sure that their reporting is correct and true of the monstrous crimes that are being committed by the Zionist war machinery every day.

6 – It is imperative to form a Judges Committee to bring the perpetrators of the invasion to the International Bureau of Justice and persecuted as War Criminals.
With this statement from the office of Aman Palestin, we wish to announce the commencement of “Together We Save Gaza” Campaign.  The campaign series starts on Saturday 10th January 2009 at 10.00 am, Stadium Melawati Shah Alam.
Aman Palestin urges all Malaysians from all walks of life, men and women, youth, professionals, students, public and private sector, from all races and religions to come together and help make this humble effort and campaign a success.  Show your support by carrying out any kinds of activities such as prayers, public talks on the Gaza issue, demonstration protesting Israel’s evil actions, rally against Israel’s invasion, putting up buntings and banners, charity drive, supplies of food and medication.  The unfolding events in Gaza require us all to join them as a humanitarian solidarity against the aggression of uncivilized and unethical war conduct of Israeli Zionist regime.

To conclude, Aman Palestin wishes to tell the Gaza Palestinians that ‘You have Allah Who is The Most Great, and we will always rally behind you in all probabilities.  You are the Hope of the Ummah, and are standing at the forefront to thwart the Zionist’s designs.  Remain patient and steadfast and know that Victory belongs to those who are patient, and verily it can be achieved.’

Or do ye think that ye shall enter the Garden (of Bliss) without such (trials) as came to those who passed away before you? they encountered suffering and adversity, and were so shaken in spirit that even the Messenger and those of faith who were with him cried:  “When (will come) the help of Allah?” Ah! Verily, the help of Allah is (always) near!

FRIDAY 9TH January 2009


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